Dark Properties is a newsletter-based quest to illuminate transformative possibilities for life on earth, by Willa Köerner.

Featuring a spectrum of people, projects, and personal insights, each dispatch aims to brighten our vision for the future(s) we can collectively grow.

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The connective threads?

Reframing dark patterns; Envisioning new realities; Planting seeds; Making transformation tactical.


About Willa

Hi, I’m Willa—an editor, strategist, and experimental gardener who’s always looking for clues we can use to imagine and create what comes next.

Right now, “what comes next” is a foreboding concept. Science tells us that what we do over the coming decade will determine the state of life on earth for generations to come. This means it’s up to us to use this moment as an opportunity to evolve old ways of working and living, and to get to know ourselves, and our ecosystems, so much better.

Inspired by darkness as a temporary state of non-illumination, I’m thinking of a “dark property” as something worth exploring; something we can learn from; something potentially transformative—whether on a personal or planetary scale.

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About The Strange Foundation

In 2018, I co-founded The Strange Foundation as a residency and mentorship project to support creative practitioners working to catalyze a more imaginatively regenerative future. After hosting dedicated residencies for over 50 artists, and retreats for many more individuals and organizations, we put things on pause in 2020. Now, in a new phase of my life, Dark Properties picks up where The Strange left off. ❉

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